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Beyond Standards

Beyond Standards

What we do

With an expertise honed from over 30 years’ experience, ESOPP designs and installs turnkey bi-oriented plastic film production lines. What we deliver however is Beyond Standards. Our teams are highly skilled engineers who see each project as an opportunity to push the limits of technology with new ideas. To achieve this we must listen to our clients, experience tells us it’s here we gain the insights necessary in order to propose innovative solutions vital to the success of our partnerships. These innovative film solutions will have multiple applications from food packaging to solar energy, and from smartphone screen protectors to the battery coverings in electric cars.

How we do it

As outliers at the forefront of the industry, our forward-thinking approach ensures our clients remain competitive and adaptable to market developments, to provide their own clients with the most suitable product. Success in these markets also demands a combination of engineering expertise, innovative thinking and peerless customer service. At ESOPP we are driven by the desire to question what is accepted and established in order to deliver the customized solutions for which we are renowned. We consider these solutions to be Beyond Standards.

So, what makes us different? Our values


We believe this to be a precondition for trust. We do push the limits but we’re smart about it. Project transparency with our partners is key.


Having the ability to adapt, rethink and reinvent are prerequisites to responding quickly. This agility gives every team member the opportunity to show their talents and excel.


Thinking outside the box, allowing invention and saying “yes” to new ideas (internal and external) underpins our innovative spirit. Creativity is contagious and it allows our employees to thrive.


At ESOPP we see commitment as an act and not a word. Our commitment to care and listening to what our customers say will never be compromised in our goal of delivering high-performance technical solutions.

Our vision

“Simply put, we know that well-designed and well-engineered plastic serves the world better.”

Louis DarletESOPP Sales Director

No Boundaries

We remove them with engineering excellence. There’s far more to ESOPP than just production line design and development.

Common Goals

Are achieved by creating synergies and harnessing the collective intelligence. Creatively-empowered, every team member is driven to reaching the common goals.


Each project demands a fresh approach. ESOPP designed production lines address larger industry challenges and specific customer needs, making them happen, Beyond Standards.

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Engineering Environment

Innovation is our daily life, customer satisfaction is in our DNA.

At ESOPP just about every project we undertake ends up being a new piece of technology. Producing customized production lines based on their intended use and your requirements, such as the technicity and thickness of the film, productivity, process flexibility, budget, and environmental impact, inevitably leads to unique technology every time. So much so that innovating to meet these challenges is literally our daily life. The nature of such made-to-measure projects ensures that quality is our major concern. We challenge our competitors to offer the same standard of tailored solutions for your market needs.

ESOPP focuses on both sequential and simultaneous stretching lines featuring the most advanced technical designs. Our specificity is to produce specific production lines for very high-tech film with a wide range of applications. We work with cutting-edge technologies which are constantly being renewed thanks to our integrated R&D center, pushing the development of tomorrow’s films and taking the industry as a whole, Beyond Standards.

In focus

ESOPP’s latest simultaneous stretching technology.

ESOPP is currently introducing its latest simultaneous technology—our 4th Generation System since 2001—now branded as FLEXSIM.

This new technology offers a much wider range of possible stretching patterns and further improves the mechanical performance of the system: higher stretching forces can be applied, the accuracy of MD/TD ratios has been further increased and a production speed of up to 350 m/min is guaranteed.

Flexsim logo
Esopp chaintrack

Customized Support

Customized Support



expertise and co-development with our customers in global markets.


ESOPP Experts

on hand to meet the most complex challenges.


of staff with over 15 years experience

and know-how in the field of strecthing lines.


Clients around the world

in Asia, Europe, The Americas and Africa.


Expertise from over 250 turnkey lines

installed worldwide.


longstanding Partners in key markets

with representation in Russia, India, China, Korea and Japan.

Our experience

“A culture of innovation.”

Since our inception, ESOPP has demonstrated a unique ability to develop breakthrough solutions time and time again. The results speak for themselves: With an integrated RD center and extensive partner network, ESOPP creates 100% custom production lines for its customers.

Louis DarletESOPP Sales Director



We take pride in fostering communication in our teams and delivering top-notch customer service. Our decision-making process is streamlined to ensure we sustain our agility to respond efficiently and effectively. ESOPP managers and executives are involved in every step of your project to push for the best possible results.

We also spend considerable time abroad (200 to 250 days a year), monitoring and supporting our market and of course installing equipment for our customers.

Quality enabled

Our commitments to the success of your project are underpinned by:

  1. Marketing and commercial advice on the type of film required
  2. Innovative contractual solutions to save time and money
  3. Project management
  4. Industrial design and technical specifications of all components and systems
  5. Production plant design and engineering
  6. Manufacturing and procurement
    Supply chain
  7. Installation and site management
  8. Electrical and automation design and installation
  9. Start-up and supervision
  10. Maintenance and service

Established and
Committed Teams

We take pride in fostering communication and delivering top-notch customer service. ESOPP managers and executives are involved in every step of your project to push for the best possible results. We also spend considerable time overseas, monitoring and installing equipment.

While working with ESOPP you can count on highly skilled teams with minimal employee turnover. As proof of this, 80% of our staff have 15 years’ experience in the field of film stretching lines. The remaining 20% are experts skilled in the latest tech, thus ensuring this state-of-the-art know how is enjoyed by our costumers. We are an approachable family business and thus by extension, our clients join in the family for real partnerships and enjoy the total transparency necessary for the success of made-to-measure projects.

A People-Centred and
Family Business

Based in Chambery, France, ESOPP is a one-of-a-kind family business driven by energy, commitment and passion. The current ESOPP family boasts 80 members, all of whom have dedicated most of their professional lives to the film stretching industry. By following a strict manufacturing protocol, we are able to produce top-quality, versatile, cost-effective production lines that are easy to maintain. Please get in touch to find out more and hear more about how our products really are Beyond Standards.

Events coming soon

  • Plastindia 2023

    01-05 February 2023

  • 3rd Annual Bioplastic Innovation Forum

    01-02 March 2023

  • Chinaplas 2023

    17-20 April 2023

  • Battery Show 2023 Stuttgart

    23-25 May 2023

  • Speciality films & flexible packaging 2023 Mumbai

    31 August - 01 September 2023

  • AMI Biax 2023

    26-28 September 2023

  • Battery show India 2023

    04-06 October 2023

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