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Being exporter, we can help you finding a suitable loan from our first class banks insured by COFACE up to 85% of your investment.

You can borrow money at a fixed rate for long maturities periods under very advantageous conditions.

Our financial partners, through their worldwide networks, will offer you a personalized following up adapted to your needs.

Export credit insurer Coface will make you benefit from attractive interest rates set by the OECD rules in major currencies.

Through mechanisms of long repayment period, thus you can reduce and spread your liabilitiy funding.

Our financing solutions will help you start your loan repayment only after the start-up of your production line.

Once the production line starts running, cash flow generated by your operating cycle can help you to finance the fixed half-yearly repayments.

It is also possible to include insurance premium in the initial investment loan in order to reduce your cash out flow as much as possible before your production line starts producing.

No surprise with your cash-flow with fixed repayments terms.

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