Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) is the key to competitive realization

Energy efficiency of its Biax film stretching lines is one of the foremost focus area for ESOPP as the energy cost is second highest variable cost in BIAX films manufacturing.

A core group team of highly experienced and qualified process specialists, design engineers and management executives with expert knowledge of industry standards, continuously strive to improve energy efficiency of the line. The core group team is assisted by specialists of each section of the line to achieve optimized process performance with minimum energy requirement.

Experts in thermodynamics engineering and polymer chemistry work continuously on the process energy efficiency of polymer heating, quenching and stretching to achieve targeted film properties with best possible energy efficiency. The focus is to avoid any energy loss which is not utilized in the process to achieve best possible energy efficiency ratio (EER).

Energy Efficiency Ratio ( EER) = Productive coefficient PVc / Energy utilized Eu

Customer’s profitability is the most important aspect of esopp work philosophy

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